“Early Intervention” uses the key ingredients that make mediation such a highly successful process, but at a much earlier stage in the dispute. Early Intervention uses a more fluid and dynamic, less formalised approach than the classic ‘one day mediation’ – helping to achieve an earlier, informed solution. No other dispute resolution option provides this.

Early Intervention is a unique initiative developed by Steve Mills, but now rolled out by all the mediators working with SeaMediation Chambers, to help achieve an earlier solution to disputes than may be achieved by the standard litigation / arbitration process. It can either help to ‘nip things in the bud’, or unlock a case that might have got ‘stuck’, by opening up productive communication between the parties with the help of a neutral mediator.

Early Intervention seeks to take the key ingredients that make mediation such an effective process, but introduce them earlier and in a more dynamic and fluid way in order to achieve an informed solution much sooner. It can, however, be used at any time in the course of a dispute, sometimes as late as the final stages of preparation for trial or arbitration. Its flexibility of application enables the parties to explore final solutions at all stages.

It is designed to be used on difficult or high value or simply intractable cases.

It is particularly suitable where there are multiple parties or proceedings or jurisdictional options.

It can be invoked unilaterally. The selected Mediator will, if needed, make the first approach to the other parties.


Meet The Mediators

  • Rhys Clift

    Rhys Clift

    ‘His calm good sense was a great reassurance. He is obviously possessed of considerable experience, sound judgement, good people skills and a thorough commercial awareness. All the right ingredients for an excellent mediator’

  • Stephen Mills

    Stephen Mills

    ‘Remains undoubtedly a star name… He inspires confidence.’
    ‘Appropriately hands-on without being overpowering… He worked tirelessly to achieve a settlement.’

  • Silas Taylor

    Silas Taylor

    ‘Understated but robustly effective!’
    ‘Steady and controlled… shows a genuine wish to achieve settlement’
    ‘Direct, determined, energetic’
    ‘Down to earth, accessible’

  • James Wilson

    James Wilson

    ‘Absolutely superb’
    ‘Quite excellent’
    ‘Inspired confidence’
    ‘One of the top mediators’