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(a) The Mediator’s standard fee for a one-day mediation involving two parties is ££3,850 per party per day.

(b) If the mediation involves three or more parties, the standard fee per party is reduced to £2,750 per party per day for a one-day mediation.

(c) The fee covers a standard mediation day of 10am – 6pm (or up to 8 hours) and includes preparation and any pre-meeting contact with the parties (subject to (d) below).

(d) The above fees are based on the assumption that the parties should restrict the papers provided to the Mediator so that they can be easily read and digested by the Mediator in one day of preparation (8 hours). If a particular case makes it necessary for the Mediator to read more than this, or to take more time, additional preparation time may be charged at the rates set out at (e) below. However, the Mediator will first agree with the parties the level of any additional preparation charge that may be necessary.

(e) If the mediation extends beyond the standard 8 hours, or work is carried out directly after the event in order to help achieve settlement, the Mediator’s fee will be £440 per hour for each hour, or part of an hour thereafter, for all time spent by the Mediator on the matter until the mediation is formally concluded and the Mediator’s mandate is terminated. Any overtime charges will be kept to a minimum and split equally between the parties.

(f) Any additional full day/s required for a two party mediation will be charged at £2,750 per party per day or part thereof.  For a multi-party mediation this will be reduced to £2,200 per party per day for any subsequent days or part thereof.

(g) All Mediator’s fees shown above are exclusive of VAT, if applicable.

(a) Mediator’s expenses, if required, will be charged at cost and split equally between the parties.

(a) The cost of the venue (if applicable), including meals etc., will be charged at cost and split equally between the parties. For convenience, the clerks at SeaMediation Chambers are happy to help source a venue for you and make all suitable arrangements, should no other option be available. This service is free of charge.

(a) The Mediator shall have liberty to issue an invoice for the standard fee and for any additional preparation time agreed under clause 1 (d) requiring payment before commencement of the mediation or at any time thereafter.

(b) The Mediator’s fees for any additional day/time and any expenses are payable within 14 days of the Mediator’s invoice. The Mediator is entitled to require the provision of suitable undertakings or other security in relation to fees and expenses from or on behalf of the parties.

(c) Payments in respect of a venue are to be made as agreed with the administrator of the venue.

If the Mediation is cancelled after a date has been fixed and confirmed to the Parties the Mediator shall charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the standard fee which would have been payable had the mediation taken place.

In the event that the mediation is cancelled 5 working days or less before the date fixed, the Mediator shall charge the parties 100% of the standard fee.

Any expenses incurred will be charged at cost and split equally between the parties.

If you have any queries regarding fees or charges please do not hesitate to contact:

Clerks@SeaMediation.com / +44 (0)7824 879427